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The Story So Far
MissionRadio.FM is an independent music streaming service operating out of Southern California.  Founded in 2018, MissionRadio.FM presents a commercial-free curated listening experience. We showcase the finest Swing and Bebop guitar players the Jazz world has to offer.  Our goal at MissionRadio.FM is to find incredible musicians and share them with an audience of people who might otherwise never encounter them. Music programming and site operations are conducted by Erich Showman. Community outreach duties are handled by Melissa Showman.  We thank you for listening and hope you discover new music to enjoy!

Site Announcements
May 18th 2019 - Hello everyone! The following Kenny Burrell albums have been uploaded to the site and added to the music rotation. “1963 - Bluesy Burrell”, “1967 - A Generation Ago Today”, “1987 - At the Five Spot Cafe”, “1991 - Sunup to Sundown”, “1995 - Lotus Blossom”, “1995 - Soul Call”, “1995 – Soulero”, “1997 - Blue Lights, Volumes 1 & 2” and “2015 - Jazz For A Lazy Day”. Take care, Erich S.

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